Chevrolet Aveo
Автомобиль эконом класса
1-4 days:
2300 RUB
4-7 days:
2100 RUB
8-14 days:
1900 RUB
More then 15:


Engine volume:1.6
Drive gear:Передний
Body type:Седан
Body colour:Темно-Серый
Music system:Есть
Vehicle tinting:Есть
Climate control:Есть

Deposit amount:
₽ 10000
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Rent Chevrolet Aveo 2013
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4-7 days:2700 RUB/day
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Chevrolet Cruze 2015 СВКАР
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Polo 2013 AT
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1-3 days:1600 RUB/day
4-7 days:1500 RUB/day
8-14 days:1400 RUB/day
more than 15:contractual
Client reviews
What our clients think about
It happened that it was necessary to arrive to the Crimea for days to solve problems with business. I was going to borrow the car at my friend, but I have decided not to disturb him with as he has family and they use a car a lot. Then I remembered the advice of my chief and called to SVCar company. At first, I had no idea how to do all these things and what they could ask. Then specialists explained me in details the procedure and I saw that it was pretty easy to hire a car. Also I worried about the payment, but it has turned out extremely convenient that a seldom thing nowadays. If i'm in need of a car once again, surely I will use this company!
I came with my family to the Crimea for a week, to see the famous sights. As I prefer to drive myself, it was decided to rent a car for a few days. My wife is always nervous when I have to take something to rent because believes that this is due to infinite bureaucratic paperwork, but the service from SVCar completely dispelled her doubts. The car was delivered promptly, and the documents were also signed very quickly so the trip was unforgettable! In a month my colleague also plans to come, so I already advised him to contact this company)
As a rule, a rent a car and drive by myself around the city. But this time I felt ill and was in need of help. So, I decided to hire a car with a driver as I couldn’t do it at that time. I already worked with SVCar, so I addressed them. I was very surprised with the level of service. The car was delivered as agreed, the driver was polite and showed himself as a real professional. The rest of the days I spent quite good, taking into account that I had a lot of things to do and should be visited several cities I solved all my business deals despite my illness. Well, I recommend your company I’m completely satisfied, thanks guys)
I signed a contract with another company, but they scuttled a deal. I was confused as I left without a car. Then I accidentally found this company. They saved me and all the situation. In a few minutes after my call, I pledged the necessary money and we made an agreement. Truly speaking, I had doubts and didn´t believe that it was possible to get a car so easily. Well, I got a car pretty fast, that helped me to move without waiting for somebody to take me. I really liked the service and the way you treat the clients. The next time I won’t think twice and I’ll call CVCAR at once to rent a car. Considering that they have a great vehicle fleet I definitely will find a cool car.
On business trips, if there is a need for renting a car, I prefer to take a taxi, go to the company's office and then choose my vehicle. But during my last trip to the Crimea, the flight was delayed, which completely broke all my plans, and with that, I started to be late, even without flying. So, I decided to order a car directly to the airport, though this wasn't in my rules, I hadn't another choice. The car from SVCar was already waiting for me in the parking lot when I landed. The issue of rent was decided very fast and I got the opportunity to get quickly to the right place. The car is clean as if was just from the salon.
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