Simferopol city, v. Ukromnoye, Kezlevskaya St. 1A

Automobiles for every event
6-Series 2008
Rent BMW 6-Series 2008
Deposit:₽ 30000
X5 2008
Rent BMW X5 2008
Deposit:₽ 30000
1-3 days:6500 RUB/day
4-7 days:5900 RUB/day
8-14 days:5200 RUB/day
more than 15:4800 RUB/day
Camry 2013
Rent Toyota Camry 2013
Deposit:₽ 30000
1-3 days:4500 RUB/day
4-7 days:4000 RUB/day
8-14 days:3500 RUB/day
more than 15:contractual
Tiguan 2014
Rent Volkswagen Tiguan 2014
Deposit:₽ 30000
1-3 days:4000 RUB/day
4-7 days:3800 RUB/day
8-14 days:35000 RUB/day
more than 15:3000 RUB/day
Rent Volvo XC60
Petrol / electric car
Deposit:₽ 30000

Premium car rental in the Crimea

Rent a car of a premium class in the Crimea is one of the most demanded services nowadays. Such cars give new opportunities to clients of the company.

What is the difference between cars of premium class and ordinary cars?

First of all, it is a color, the majority of VIP-cars has gray, white or black color. The second thing is a type of body, mainly it is a sedan. This class is presented by a wide choice of a car for any taste. All of them have the high level of safety and comfort. Moreover, these cars have conditioner, TV, climate control.

Rent a VIP car in Simferopol is suitable for special events, such as wedding, birthday, party, living maternity hospital. As for business meetings, a representative car is a “must have”. Car-rental of a premium class is much more favorable to the big companies because of an economy on support services and a great variety of models to choose from.

The main question our clients ask is to take a car with or without a driver. Let’s consider all pros and cons of such service.

Rent a VIP car with a driver

The car of premium class with the driver is not a question of trends. Such service is capable to solve the whole complex of problems:

  1. Having ordered a car with the driver, you don’t leave pledge.
  2. The client is not responsible for the safety of the transport.
  3. It isn’t obligatory to take the driver’s license with yourself (the service is presented if you have forgotten the document).
  4. Sitting on back sitting, you can continue to work or resolve any issues you have or just relax.
  5. If you have a wedding or other holiday where you not just the guest, then to rent a car with driver is very suitable service.

Rent of such class of car is considerably more expensive than of other models, but if you want to make an impression or you just want to get a pleasure from a trip, then it is an ideal option for you.

Rent of a car of a premium class without a driver

The advantages of such way of movement are:

  1. An absence of strangers who won’t break your personal space.
  2. An opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the car independently. Especially is convenient in that case when you test the car before purchasing of own.
  3. Freedom of movement. Having taken a wheel in hand, you dispose of own time.
  4. The price of rent of a car without driver 10 times less than constant taxi services or car-rental with the driver.

In case of rent of the vehicle of this kind, all responsibility for its safety lays down on the client. It is also illogical to take a car for independent driving if you aren’t familiar with the city. You will waste your time and money on fuel.

Where may you take the VIP class car?

The SVCAR company is your reliable friend and assistant in this question. If you, for some reason, need a car, then we will provide you with a beautiful one. It is possible to get acquainted with our vehicle fleet and the prices on the company’s website. There are two ways to get the desirable car:

  • to order online using the website;
  • visit the office personally.

SVCAR wishes you pleasant trips and bright impressions!