Simferopol city, v. Ukromnoye, Kezlevskaya St. 1A

Frequently asked questions
Call using the contact phone number or leave an application on the website, draw up the rental contract, pay a deposit and enjoy your journey.
To sign a contract it is necessary to have a passport and a driving license with you.
Drawing up of a contract takes no more than 15 minutes.
All our cars are insured. Each vehicle has an extended MTPL policy.
After the ending of the lease, the full amount of deposit is returned to the client.
It’s not compulsory to make a deposit.
You can pay in two ways: by transfer to the card or in cash during the signing of the contract at the office.
You can pay car rent with any credit card.
We are located in the Airport Square, in the parking place for rental cars.
Another driver can drive a car, just if he is included in the lease contract.
If the car has a gasoline engine - use petrol 95 ron+, if diesel - Diesel Euro-5.
Airport fees are not necessary to be paid.
There is such an opportunity to rent cars with a child's chair and boosters.
The daily mileage of the car is not limited.
If necessary, we can install a navigator in a rented car.