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Carsharing and car rental: what is the difference?
03 November 2018
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The desire of a person to have his own vehicle every day only increases. But, unfortunately, not everyone can buy a vehicle. In this case, carsharing will be a good solution. What is the difference between car sharing and rental cars? We will explain everything in detail.

Carsharing and car rental: what’s the difference?

Car sharing service was invented in the early twentieth century but wasn’t very popular. Now, the technical revolution and modern navigation devices allow you to track cars and get quick access to maps. Thanks to this, the rental of vehicles became quite possible both at the domestic and international level.

In other words, car sharing is one of the types of rental vehicles that allows taking cars for several hours (non-durable). Payment is counted exclusively for the time that the driver uses the car, and not for mileage. This is the most important difference from a standard rental. In addition, this service does not provide a returning of a car to its place of home residence.

Almost all companies that provide rental services have the same conditions for customers:

  • an actual driver’s license;
  • the client must be 21 years old at the time of the contract conclusion.

Do not forget about the infringer list: if the customer’s story is suspicious, they may be denied car rental.

If the documents and history are all right the client starts filling out the registration form and choosing the tariff. However, both of these car rental services in Simferopol give the driver an opportunity to independently choose a vehicle. To do this, he can go to the website and from the catalog select a vehicle by color, class and year of release. After booking, the client needs only to pick up the car in the parking lot or wait for the vehicle with the driver (additional service – a car with a driver).

The process of returning the car is described in detail in the points of agreement between the tenant and the lessor. In addition to large companies that provide car sharing services, there are many small local firms. The popularity of short-term rental services in the world is going increasingly every year, which is easy to understand. First of all, because it is much more profitable to pay for car rental time than to pay a taxi. These services have several similarities:

First, both car sharing and rentals work 24/7. This means that you can book a car at any time of the day. Rent and return of vehicles are automated, which means – the process will take no more than a few minutes.

Secondly, you can rent a car at any time: hourly, daily. Having entered into an agreement once, the client can return to car sharing services at any time.

In general, the service is very convenient, therefore, active growth in popularity is predicted in all major cities.