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Carsharing: possible restrictions on age and driving experience
10 February 2019
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At the regular meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, Deputy Vladimir Petrov took the initiative to legislate restrictions related to the conditions of providing car rental to individuals. In the appeal it was proposed to establish a framework for potential tenants of cars:

  • age – from 25 years;
  • driving experience – from 3 years.

The initiative was submitted to Minister of Transport Evgeni Dietrich for consideration. State Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov, commenting on this appeal, noted that car rental is an entrepreneurial activity and the imposition of any restrictions requires a detailed study of the situation.

Are there grounds for imposing restrictions on car sharing?

Initially, car rental was focused on those who came to Moscow or St. Petersburg on business without a personal car. But at the same time did not want to use public transport or taxi. Then car rental began to gain popularity among those who temporarily remained without a car due to repair or sale.

Demand increased, and the market reacted with competition increasing. Companies started offering more flexible terms and lower prices. Today it is cheaper and easier to use car sharing than to pay for a taxi. Many appreciated the advantages of rental before buying a car:

  • no cost for repair, replacement of rubber, washing;
  • you do not need to pay transport tax and get insurance for cars;
  • the ability to choose a car depending on the situation.

But the price is not the only tool that attracts potential customers. At the beginning of the development of car rental services, companies entered into contracts only with persons over 23 years of age and having driving experience of more than 3 years. Now, the new companies that provide car sharing services reduce the requirements to declare themselves in the market.

In this regard, the car sharing “Delimobil” left all competitors behind. To become a client of “Delimobil” it is enough to have only 1 year of driving experience and reach the age of 19.

Peer to peer car sharing is becoming more and more popular when individuals offer to rent their own cars. And they themselves set limits for potential clients in terms of mileage, size of collateral, age and driving experience. Someone values their cars and carefully selects a tenant. And someone, in order to save money, agrees to any conditions.

Such mass character and general availability of cars for rent have led to increase in the number of accidents involving rental cars.

According to the traffic police, in the first year of driving, many get into an accident because of fear and insecurity. After the first year, fear replaces self-confidence. And only for 3 years driving the driver begins to soberly assess the situation on the road.