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Carsharing reforms. What is waiting for car rental in the future?
15 May 2019
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In large cities car rental is very popular. In Moscow, for example, a vehicle fleet of transport for rent numbers over seventeen thousand units. Due to the rapid growth of this service popularity, accidents on the roads with cars of car-sharing companies are becoming more frequent.

Officials are going to solve the problems on the roads caused by unscrupulous drivers of rented cars. In their opinion, resolving the difficulties of car-sharing companies is possible due to the implementation of special reforms, here are some of them:

  • Enhanced protection against drunk drivers. Drunk driver – one of the most dangerous phenomena on the road. Fortunately, there is an innovative idea that will help to prevent the appearance of such offenders behind the wheel of a rented car. The reform is to install special alcolocks on the car. To start the engine, the driver will need to pass an uncomplicated test for the presence of alcohol in the blood. To do this, simply blow on a special device located on the dashboard of the car. This technology is successfully used in the Western countries;
  • Increased penalties for violations. To date, most car sharing companies are demanding damages from customers for an accident. At the legislative level provides for financial responsibility for violation of traffic rules and drunk driving. In addition, owners of companies impose theirs fines if the driver is drunk. Despite this, there are plenty of motorists of various degrees and types of intoxication on the roads. Therefore, representatives of the authorities, in this case, Moscow, decide to increase the punishment for drunk driving. The proceeds through fines will be used to increase security in car sharing vehicles;
  • Installing face scanners. Sometimes a driver of a rented car can become a person who does not have the right to drive it. To avoid such a violation, some car sharing companies are planning to use special cameras to read driver data. They will be installed in the car. Before the trip, the device scans the face of the motorist and checks it on the database for documents;
  • Installing hidden cameras. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable people among the users of rented cars. There are frequent cases of petty theft. Rugs, car stereos, washer fluid tanks and even winter brushes disappear from the car. Some companies are going to reduce cases of petty theft by installing hidden cameras.

How much will these measures help? Wait and see.