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Deadly carsharing – be careful!
01 May 2019
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How a young guy, without a driver’s license, could rent a car and take a person’s life? Egor Lyachenkov, eighteen, rented a car using someone else’s car sharing account. The result of this illegal action was an accident and the death of a person.

The guy did not have a driver’s license, so he used the simplest, but illegal way to rent a car. The intruder chose a Mercedes sports car on the Anytime car sharing service. According to official data, the car rental was issued for a girl of twenty-four years old who, apparently, was a close friend of Lyachenkov.

Anytime company does not comment on the incident and does not respond to questions regarding user verification and system account security. How could this happen, who is to blame for the death of a person, and how to avoid similar incidents in the future?

How do attackers buy someone else’s “Personality”?

In fact, today it is not difficult to falsify a person’s documents, much less create a fake account. At the first stage, the attackers get stolen passport data and use them to register with the car sharing system. To create an account, they acquire a SIM card in order to log in using it.

After successful registration in the system for renting a car, attackers link a bank card to an account. This allows you to rent a car. Criminals bind a virtual card, since there is no problem with it when registering a fake account. There are a lot of ready-made car sharing accounts on the Internet for which a lot of money is requested. To the surprise of everyone, they are not in the closed segment of the Internet, the so-called Darknet, but in free access.

One of the problems of some car sharing companies is – simplified verification. Little-known services in order to attract more customers simplify registration on their resources. As a result, they “open the door” to dishonest people.

How to deal with it?

Sergey Vasilyev, a lawyer on issues related to cars, commenting on the incident with Egor Lyachenkov, explains that it is impossible to fully control how a rented car will be used. But nevertheless, it is possible to bring some order in car sharing companies. For example, by making the registration procedure more complex and protected from intruders. This can be achieved thanks to the obligatory visit of the company’s office to the clients for checking documents and setting up an account.

The owner of the car sharing account or driver is fully responsible for damage caused during the operation of the transport. The company in the worst case can ruin its reputation. Therefore, be very attentive while renting a car.