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How to conclude a car rental contract?
13 November 2018
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Rent is one of the popular ways to transfer a vehicle from one person to another. An agreement of temporary use may have many nuances, which you need to know in order to avoid unpleasant situations. How to process the paperwork? Under what conditions contract is concluded and could be annulled?  Let’s talk about this in more details.

How to make a car rental agreement?

Car rental in the Crimea – is a very popular service: family vacation travels or just work trips. This type of engagement has a number of features and nuances, which you need to take into account if you want to avoid conflict situations. That is why a proper lease agreement is of great importance and must satisfy all legal requirements.

The document is drawn up in writing and notarized. If the car is leased by a legal entity, notary certification is not required.

How to issue a car rental?

Since the vehicle transfer contract is an official document, signing it must be treated responsibly and taking into account any details.

Trust only to reliable companies, carefully study the contents of the document, pay attention to the items relating to the technical condition of the vehicle, possible damages to the vehicle. Not all rental companies are ready to take responsibility, often the tenant must take responsibility. In order not to be blamed for all, you need to know how to rent a car.

Rent a car: what documents are needed?

Car rental is very convenient. Especially if there are urgent matters, requiring an auto. The rental contract must include:

  • color, year of manufacture and brand of the vehicle;
  • license plate;
  • rental period;
  • terms and conditions of payment for services;
  • tenant and owner rights;
  • territorial restrictions on the operation of the vehicle;
  • information about the conditions of the lease renewal;
  • machine return process.

Also between the two sides should be sighed acceptance and transfer certificate, in which are described in detail the characteristics of the vehicle: mileage, cost and technical condition (including all defects at the time of lease).

In order to get a rental car, an Individual should have just two documents: a passport and driver’s license. It is also important that only persons over 21 years old can get a vehicle for rent.

To obtain vehicle companies or their representatives will be asked to have certified copies of constituent documents, also the passport of the person who represents the company and his driver’s license.