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How to rent a car?
14 September 2018
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Car rental celebrated its 100th anniversary. The idea, occurred once to Joe Sanders from Nebraska in 1916, still lives. And more people use car rental services, and more companies are ready to provide these services. But still, the questions are inevitable. How to rent a car? Which car should I choose? How to choose the right company? What documents are needed? What to look for in the contract? Today we will answer all these questions.

What to look for when renting a car?

First of all, choose the company you will cooperate with. You can use the special Internet sites, which show the offers from different companies. While selecting pay attention to the prices and quality and, what is very important, to the reliability of the company. Check the age of the organization, the size of the vehicle park, reviews on third-party resources. All car rental companies make demands on the driver’s age and driving experience, this can be 20-25 years and 2-5 years of experience, depending on the class of the car – perhaps due to age, this criterion will be important for you.

Please note what conditions are offered. For example, is there a restriction on the daily mileage; what is included in the basic configuration – there are situations when unscrupulous entrepreneurs hide under an attractive wrapper in the form of low prices a lot of “additional options” that are necessary and each of them will have to be paid separately.

Do not hesitate to carefully inspect the car. Scratches and other defects must be fixed in the special act of transferring. You can check license plates and even look at the VIN code – this can save you from big trouble.

The contract must specify the terms of insurance, mandatory fees may be imposed (the payments which are collected from the driver in the case of an accident or exemption from liability in the case of a breakdown of a car).

Find out how to extend a car rental, if you need it, what are the penalties for delay of return.

Specify the necessary additional services: a child seat, a navigator, the possibility of returning cars to another place. If someone else will drive a car – include this person in the contract.

How to rent a car for a legal entity?

A private individual will need only a driver’s license, a passport, and money, to sign a lease agreement. If you need to take the car as a legal entity, prepare these documents:

  • driver’s license and passport for each person who will drive the car – all of them must be indicated in the contract;
  • company registration certificate;
  • documents of tax registration;
  • an official document that allows you to sign lease agreements on behalf of the organization.

Car rental services a relatively young type of business throughout the post-Soviet countries, but because of its fast development now many companies provide a high level of service at reasonable prices.

We wish you the right choice and a pleasant journey!