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Innovations of car rental in London
10 March 2019
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While car rental is gaining popularity very fast, unusual car rental has been operating for a year at Gatwick Airport in the capital of Great Britain. According to the popular Irish publication Independent, the innovation of renting a Car & Away is that passengers, who arrive at the airport in their own car, can rent it out for a certain period of time.

The marketing director of the company, Dave Smith, explains it this way: “You arrive at the airport in a private car and while you are doing your things, the company rents it out to those customers who need it.” So it is possible to solve several problems at once:

  • First, the vehicle owner does not have to overpay for parking at airports, which, by the way, costs a considerable amount (an average of 80 to 214 pounds per week, plus additional services). The customer receives maximum comfort – he goes to the airport in his own car.
  • Secondly, the car owner can earn good money. Cooperating with Car & Away, on average the vehicle can bring the owner about 160 pounds in 7 days. This is net income, not counting 40%, which the company takes as a commission and the cost of parking (paid by the company).

There is a rental rate for a car, which depends on several factors: the year of production of the car, mileage, model and its popularity among car owners. For example, Ford Focus renting via Car & Away will cost 35 pounds in 1 day, while its price in the ordinary hire will be 60-100 pounds. Similarly with premium cars, renting a BMW 4 series costs 118 pounds via Car & Away, while other firms take for such a car from 238 pounds/day.

Despite such advantages, not everyone will agree to give their own car to the wrong hands. But all the risks for the driver are reduced to zero, because Car & Away insures the vehicle during the rental period, plus guarantees its complete safety and repair (if necessary).

An additional advantage of the service is that the company, at its own expense, carries out the cleaning of the vehicle before handing it over to the owner. At the same time, even if no one used the car (the rent did not take place), the driver does not incur any losses, Car & Away is still pays for the parking.

There are specific requirements for rental cars. So, vehicle mileage should not exceed 160 thousand km, and age – not more than 9 years. Before taking the car for rent, the company’s specialists conduct vehicle inspection. Car & Away provides additional protection for cars and installs a special device for tracking location and speeding, which indicate a violation of the terms of the lease agreement.

Both parties, owners and tenants, agree between themselves using the company’s website. Clients who plan to use the rental service are carefully checked (driver’s license, bank cards, passport details). The only disadvantage is that only citizens of Britain and Ireland aged 25 and older can use the carsharing service.