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Long-term car rental of Volvo started in Russia
01 March 2019
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Car rental is a popular service enjoyed by many modern drivers. An increasing number of motorists are choosing a vehicle for themselves relying, first of all, on the safety of their “iron friend”. That is why the number of owners of the Volvo brand in the country is growing rapidly.

Especially for small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, Volvo auto company has launched a new service – Volvo Car Rent. The press service of a popular Swedish company claims that the rental includes not only the operation of the car but also its full maintenance. So, car rental can last from 12 to 60 months. After the conclusion of a formal contract with a company representative, the client receives the desired vehicle in his hands and makes a monthly payment for it. The amount of the fee does not change for the entire rental period (fixed once at the time of signing the document and is static). In addition, the document includes the full maintenance of the car, tire fitting and rubber maintenance, insurance, repair, 24/7 road assistance, control and processing of fines and communication with customer support.

Instead of dozens of companies, all responsibility is assumed by one. For a modern entrepreneur, this is an ideal way to stay mobile without overpaying. First, the driver can choose and book a car to your taste and budget. Secondly, it saves money by avoiding spending money on a taxi, buying a personal vehicle, parking fees, maintenance, insurance, and car repairs. Thirdly, he gets maximum comfort by moving independently in the cabin of a luxury car.
Simplicity and comfort are what help a person tune in to the necessary wave for work or relaxation. That is why all the care takes on Volvo. All that is necessary is to periodically refill the car and wash it.

What does the monthly payment depend on?

Monthly payment for renting a vehicle depends on the following factors:

  1. Duration of the lease.
  2. Car mileage.
  3. Model.

For example, if you wish to change cars annually, then the best option for you will be hiring for 1 year and a vehicle with a mileage of not more than 40 thousand km. Well, if the client plans not to travel so much, a longer-term option for 3 years with a mileage of 60 thousand km is more suitable for him.


Rent a modern Swedish crossover for 3 years (mileage will cost from 47.3 to 56.7 thousand rubles. This service operates throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

The client receives the car after the parties sign the official contract. At the time of transfer to the owner of the car already has a policy MTPL or another Comprehensive Insurance Cover, and is also registered in the traffic police. All necessary documents and a set of motorists are prepared by the company. Every citizen of Russia who has a valid driver’s license can use the service.