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Most rented cars
14 December 2018
Обложка новости

Cars for rent offer both large companies that are professionally engaged in this service and small firms, whose fleet consists of only a few cars. During the peak season, options may be limited. Therefore, if you want to travel on a certain brand of car, you should book it in advance (at least three months before the supposed trip). This can be done using the Internet.

The best way is to use the services of companies rather than private business. All conditions and nuances are written in contracts with an owner company, which are negotiated in advance. When renting from a private person, at best you will not be returned a deposit. Or provide a vehicle in very poor condition.

In order to rent a car in Simferopol, it is enough to present a passport and driver’s license. In this case, according to the requirements of the lessor, the driving experience must be at least two or three years.

Most rented cars, what to look for

Most rental companies offer to choose not a specific brand or model, but a car class. For example:

  • economy class – for travel;
  • middle class – for movement in city conditions;
  • business class – working, business trips, official meetings;
  • premium class – for special occasions.

So that when you receive your vehicle, you will not be replaced with the selected model on the same vehicle of the same class, discuss it with the owner  in advance.

Do not select a car of old model years. This is, of course, the most inexpensive option, but because of the high probability of breakage at any moment rest and impressions of him will be spoiled.

The most popular option – almost new korean cars (KIA Rio, Hyundai Solaris), as well as other manufacturers: Chevrolet Aveo, Volkswagen Polo.

From the middle class, the models Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Jetta are popular.

Business Class — Toyota Camry, Mersedes S-class, BMW X5.

If you are going to travel a lot in the countryside, on the road, sand, then choose an off-road vehicle – Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota RAV 4, Toyota Land Cruiser.