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Responsibility for a rented car
04 December 2018
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Public transport is not the most convenient way to travel during a high tourist season. Recently, car rental in the Crimea is gaining popularity. But no one has protection force majeure and unusual situations that may occur with a rental car. Therefore, before you take the car, you need to know how to behave in case of such problems as:

  • damage or failure of the vehicle as a result of an accident;
  • car theft;
  • damage to the vehicle by third parties.

Who pays for rental car insurance?

Before renting a car in Crimea, you need to carefully read the rental agreement, check on the expiration date of the insurance policy. Car insurance is the responsibility of the owner. But just insurance, not payment in case of an insured event. They completely lie on the driver, who was driving at the time of the accident:

  1. CMTPL (Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability) – compulsory insurance in case of an accident caused by the driver, the damage is compensated by the insurance company. By default, the cost of insurance is already included in the rent.
  2. Casco (Comprehensive car insurance) without a deductible is much more expensive. But in case of an accident or if the rented car is damaged (scratches, dents), you do not pay anything. Most often issued on expensive to maintain cars.
  3. Casco with deductible allows you to save money on insurance, but the amount specified in the contract will have to be refunded if the car is damaged. The rest of it is paid by the insurance company.
  4. SuperCasco  – full insurance covering all risks.

Theft is covered by the usual Casco. No need to insure a car against theft additionally  (as many rental companies offer). A deductible option does not include damage to the wheels, tires, vehicle bottom and vehicle windows. For this you have to pay additionally in case of damage of the driver’s fault.

If the rented car got into an accident

First of all you need to notify the police and the company-lessor about the incident. Be sure to wait for the police and be present when drawing up a report, inspecting the car and filling out papers.

If the accident did not happen through your fault, you will not have to pay for repairs and fines, the company will receive insurance compensation. Please note that you should be the driver, the transfer of the rented car to third parties is prohibited.

In the case when you are the cause of the accident, it all depends on the type of insurance issued for the rented car:

  • CMTPL – payment of the amount of damage it’s your responsibility;
  • Casco with a deductible – you pay only the amount specified in the insurance contract;
  • Full Casco and Super Casco– costs covered by insurance company.

In no case can not hide from the accident scene, as a result of such actions you have to independently compensate for all the costs of repair

Remember that the unauthorized departure to the rented car outside the Crimea (without the consent of the owner) is equal to a theft.