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Сar by Subscription – New Direction in Carsharing
20 February 2019
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According to statistics, 62% of Russians aged 18 to 60 years old have a driver’s license. And only 48% who have a driver’s license have a private car. Many of the respondents noticed that they did not want to buy a car because of the additional costs of maintenance, insurance, parking fees, etc. That is why the car rental market has been developing so rapidly in recent years. The service “Car rental” appeared first. Then car sharing was added to this service. Today, a new type of short-term rental is gaining popularity – car by subscription.

The main online resources that offer car by subscription

In order to understand the features of this service, you need to get acquainted with the services that offer to issue a subscription for cars.

Rent a Ride

Offer short-term rental in p2p-carsharing. The deal is made between two individuals. The site gathered in one place car owners who are ready to rent their cars, and drivers who want to take a car by subscription. The owner of the car specifies the features of the lease: requirements for the driver’s experience, the size of the deposit, the limit of the mileage per day, etc. Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin called this site “national car sharing” because the tenant and owners here are ordinary citizens.

You can place an order:

  • online;
  • through the Rent a Ride app on your smartphone.

Required documents: civil passport of the Russian Federation and driver’s license. Duration of subscription – from 1 to 6 months.

Drive Point

The online marketplace offers its own car park for rent or subscription. And mobility is not bound in Russia. You can take a trip to Europe by car from Drive Point. The subscription includes: free delivery to the specified location, CASCO, additional car accessories (baby car seat, roof box). Cars are available for ordering from comfort class to business class.

You can get acquainted with the machines on the service website, and an order is made for a car in two ways:

  • via email;
  • by phone.

For the conclusion of the contract are required: driver’s license, passport. Citizens of other countries also provide a migration card or entry visa. The minimum service period is 1 month.


The youngest car subscription resource. Appeared on the market in late spring 2018. The partner of the site is the auto dealer, which provides cars. after subscription, the driver receives the current maintenance and repair, replacement of rubber, depending on the season, CASCO insurance and MTPL. There are 2 ways to order:

  • via Telegram or WhatsApp;
  • application for email.

Required Russian passport and driver’s license. Subscription is made for 3-6 months.

People who value freedom of movement, but consider buying a car as an inefficient investment, increasingly prefer to subscribe to a car.