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Shelby company has provided 20 Mustangs to rent at Sixt
05 May 2019
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Sixt – is one of the oldest car-sharing companies in the world. It provides car rental services for many years. And just recently, a wide range of vehicles offered by the company has been replenished with unusual cars. A series of powerful sports “Mustangs” went to rental locations in California, Florida and Las Vegas.

New cars are equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine, its capacity is 600 hp. Shelby GT-S also has a 10-range automatic transmission, which makes easy to drive it. The cars have a proprietary paint of the manufacturer: a combination of black and orange. The design of the cars is made in Shelby’s own style, it never ceases to amaze sports car lovers. A car suspension with a special setting and sensitive brakes make it stable on the track and reliable to drive.

The first to enjoy the ride on the powerful “Mustang” will be residents of Southern California, Las Vegas and South Florida. In the future, Shelby GT-S will be available for rent in other regions of the Sixt service. New cars will be the real “Pearls” of car rental, and customers will get an unforgettable experience of riding them.

Shelby company has a long history and great experience

Collaboration with Sixt is not the only case of sports car production for car-sharing companies in the history of Shelby. For example, at the end of 1965, Hertz company ordered a large batch of Shelby GT350H cars. These cars had a unique design and many years later Shelby products did not lose it. Later, Hertz resumed its sports car supply program twice: in 2006 and 2016.

These cars became so popular that customers of the car sharing company used them even for racing. On the returned vehicles, traces of the installation of the safety cage and company labels often remained. Such dangerous operation of sports cars did not stop large car sharing companies from further supplying new models to car rental. To date, Shelby GT-S cars are the most powerful vehicles ever presented in vehicle rental services.

Founder of the company – professional racer

Carroll Shelby, born in Leesburg, Texas, seemed like a man obsessed with speed all his life. Before turning to piloting ground vehicles, he was a flight instructor during World War II. In his first driving competition, a quarter-mile race, he drove a flat-lipped Ford V-8 with a hot rod. The Aston Martins race in Europe broke ground speed records.

Ford’s confrontation with Ferrari eventually attracted Carroll Shelby and his team to the development of their racing program. When Shelby was ordered to build a sports car from the Mustang, he replied to Lee Yakokke: “So, Lee, do you want me to make a horse from a quarter horse?”

That horse, turned into a mule, became the very first Shelby Mustang: Shelby GT350 1965.