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What do you need to rent a car?
04 September 2018
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Every person has cases in his life when it’s necessary to use a car, and individual transport for some reason wasn’t available. Those who have this need as a part of everyday routine, most likely have their own car. But everything may happen in life: it may be a pity for your to drive your “iron horse” on huge distances or you don’t want to test it on “unknown paths”, you even may start preventive works and, unexpectedly, you have an urgent business trip, etc. And for someone, there is no vital necessity to buy an own car but sometimes such a need arises. And both will find a treatment in car rental services. If you are looking for a way to get a car for personal use for a short while, then for sure you are asking yourself: what do you need to rent a car?  In fact, there are not so many requirements to a tenant, but they are all rigorous and binding. Therefore, it is better to know in advance what is needed to rent a car in order to prepare the necessary documents and not be trapped.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

The requirements of companies are determined by the desire to maintain their property and in all countries are approximately the same. If you rent a car as an individual, you will be required:

  1. The first thing you need is a passport. The passport not only confirms your identity, but also the age – the person to whom the car is being rented must have a certain number of years. Typically, this is 20-23 years.
  2. Driver’s license. It will check not only the existence of the required category but also the date of license receiving. If you are driving less than 2 years, be prepared for that you can be refused.

Legal entities must submit a larger package of documents. Besides the driver’s license and passport those who rent a car should add:

  • registration certificate of the company with its requisite details;
  • documents confirming tax registration;
  • official authorization to sign lease agreements on behalf of organizations.

In any case, it is recommended to take the car not in place, but to book in advance the vehicle you liked. So, you will communicate with the representative of the company before signing the contract, and you will be informed which package of documents you need to collect.

How much does car rent cost?

The prices of rental can vary a lot. This is due to the difference in the classes of cars, their age, depreciation value. To calculate the amount necessary to sign the contract, it is worth considering the lease term of the car (as a rule, the longer is the duration of the contract, the less is paid for one day) and the security deposit. The price for a day or a week of rent, as a rule, is feasible and does not cause questions. But all companies require a deposit, which at first seems quite significant. What to do?

The deposit is rarely collected in cash and doesn’t transferred to the firm in any way. This means that you do not have to leave the necessary amount. It is enough to have a personal credit bank card, the limit of which is enough to cover the deposit. The procedure is following: the company blocks the required amount of money in your account, and it does not matter, personal or credit facilities, and unlocks after the return of the car to the vehicle park.

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Enjoy your holiday and travel!