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What is a deductible when renting a car?
24 October 2018
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Rent a car in the Crimea goes in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation. Every important element of the requirements is a deductible. It represents a security deposit, which is blocked in the bank account of the tenant or paid in cash. The deposit (usually it is from 10 000 rubles and above) disciplines the client, stimulates to drive the vehicle carefully, avoid accidents, risk and recklessness on the roads.

What is a deductible when renting a car and what is it for?

Figuratively speaking, the deductible performs the role of a financial guarantee for both parties to the transaction. In a case of serious situations, the deposit is used to pay to repair, is a guarantee that it will not lose its transport unit due to damage and malfunctions because of the tenant fault. In turn, the deductible makes the driver more attentive and responsible. He will not leave the car’s doors open, even if he has to leave for a moment, the driver will not violate traffic rules and speed limits without a reason, since compensation for the damage will be withdrawn from the franchise.

The average deposit and the rules of returning

The amount of the deposit cannot be small by default, because it provides for expenses that auto insurance does not cover. The size of the deductible depends on the class of the vehicle, its configuration, mileage, year of manufacture. The minimum average amount of renting a Chevrolet Lanos or Aveo is 5,000 – 10,000 rubles. The upper limit of the deposit to rent premium class vehicle can be 30,000 rubles and more.

If at the end of the rental period, the client returns the machine to the company in a proper form (on time, without damages, clean and with the full tank), then the deductible is returned. If you have paid in cash, the amount is issued on the day after the car is returned and inspected by a company representative. If the deposit amount has been frozen on a bank card, the rental company will give the bank a command to defrost the blocked amount. According to the practice of banking institutions, the operation may take 1-30 days, but on average, unlocking takes 3-5 days. If the bank delays the procedure, you can contact the branch in person and make a request to unblock money.

When the deductible will be not returned?

The compensation is withdrawn from the deposit for any type of damage that is not covered by auto insurance. The most common types of damage include the following situations:

  • if the client violated the prohibition on smoking inside the machine, then the cost of dry-cleaning upholstery is deducted from the deposit;
  • if the tenant took another vehicle in tow or he was intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, other means of consciousness-altering;
  • if a leased vehicle was driven by an individual who is not specified in the vehicle rental agreement;
  • if the client has fled the accident scene, hijacked a transport or committed other illegal actions;
  • in the case, a client has an accident on a rented car, then the company withdraws from the deposit.

Thus, a deductible is a guarantee of a deal, the overall goal of which is to drive the car responsibly to the client and the peace of mind of the company if situations arise that are not covered by insurance.