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What is carsharing, and how it works?
24 January 2019
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Short-term car rental, or, as it is called, carsharing in recent years has become increasingly popular. However, not everyone is aware of the features of this type of car rental, its advantages, and disadvantages.

What’s the essence of car sharing?

Carsharing is a type of rental vehicle for a short period of time. The term of renting a vehicle at carsharing is from one to several hours to one day.

The amount of rent depends on the time of use of the vehicle and its mileage during this time.

The positive thing about carsharing is that this service is available around the clock and on any day of the week. Usually, cars provided for short-term rental are located in parking lots located in different areas of the city, so it is likely that you can get to one of them quickly and on foot.

In order to use carsharing services, initially, you should find out if such a service is available in your region. You can do this by searching the phrase “car sharing” along with the name of your city, or by reviewing the list of companies for car sharing (for example, on Wikipedia).

The following actions are performed according to this algorithm:

  • login to the car sharing company website;
  • find out the requirements of the company to the potential tenant (usually it is the age of 21 years, the presence of a driver’s license and good driving history);
  • registration (personal data);
  • tariff selection (if the company offers customers several tariffs);
  • car selection and booking (online or by phone).

Reputable organizations, concluding a short-term car rental agreement with you, send a smart card to the tenant, which is used like a car key.

Disadvantages of car sharing

Car sharing has its negative:

  • it is unprofitable for long journeys on city roads with traffic jams;
  • there are usually no child seats in rental vehicles (it’s not necessary to use car-sharing for trips with small children);
  • you will not be able to rent a vehicle if you are under 21 or you have no driving experience (vehicles are issued to persons with driving experience from 2 years);
  • driving requires maximum care (if you are fined by traffic police, trouble with the company is guaranteed);
  • the vehicle cannot be taken without mandatory registration on the site (this condition is not suitable for those users who do not want to post personal data on the Internet).

But despite certain disadvantages, the demand for car sharing is growing.