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What is more profitable: a taxi or car rental?
04 January 2019
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There are many situations when a person on a business trip or a traveler needs a vehicle, but he does not have an own vehicle. In such cases, there are several solutions: to take a taxi or rent a car.

Let’s try to understand the subtleties and nuances of these offers, compare all pros and cons.

Rent a car or take a taxi: what to choose depending on the situation?

People in the Crimea often face such a choice. As a rule, the majority of visitors to the sunny peninsula are tourists, although, the reasons to stay on the Crimean territory may be different.

Taxi services – the only solution if you can not drive a car.

It is also advisable to choose a taxi if you are coming a one-time short trip in order to get to a certain place in the city and arrive at the right address.

However, in the case of frequent and lengthy trips, taxi services will be very expensive.

If you intend to take a closer look at the area, visiting all the sights and beautiful places (the  Crimea has wonderful nature and historical places), it would be preferable to rent a car.

Taxi or car rental: why you should rent a car?

There are a number of arguments in favor of renting a vehicle.

  1. Ability to choose a car. Car rental companies provide a modern car fleet with a wide range of different brands and models. You can take a car rental that will satisfy all your requests. Employees of these companies take into account all the wishes of the tenant and satisfy them to the maximum – from the manufacturer’s brand and year of manufacture to color and tuning, from the number of miles driven to the technical characteristics (for example, the presence of an automatic transmission, type of drive, the method of ignition, etc.).
  2. Acceptable price. Of course, the rental price will be profitable in the case of intensive use. If you plan to spend most of your travel time sitting behind the wheel, the money spent on renting a car will pay off. Usually, a car user pays a fixed price for each rental day.
  3. Convenience for placing personal stuff. The tenant is free to place his stuff in the rental car – the cabin and the trunk of the car are completely at his or her disposal. This priority is obvious because it is rare to travel lightly in the Crimea, on the contrary, travelers often carry a lot of travel bags, suitcases and other items with them. There are cases when baggage is not heavy, but valuable (money, documents) – in this case, it is also safer to carry it while you are driving.
  4. The tenant gets more freedom. You can plan your own trips and stops, road routes and visits to interesting places by renting a car.

Rent a car gives you the freedom and comfort of movement.