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Which drivers are more aggressive and more often break the rules?
20 April 2019
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Is there a link between the brand of the car and driving style? In which cars drive quietly, remembering the mutual courtesy on the road? Drivers of which car’s are distinguished by their aggressive driving style: they are sharply rebuilt, arrange races at traffic lights, cut? To get answers, website conducted a survey among its visitors. It was attended by drivers of cars of 35 different brands.

According to the survey results, BMW owners, with a result of 34%, won first place in the ranking of the most aggressive drivers. At the same time, a third of those who voted for this option also drive a BMW themselves. The second place, with a score of 28%, was taken by Lada. Closes the top three aggressive leaders – Mercedes, with a very modest result – only 4%. Also, 4% of all votes were given not to a specific brand, but to public transport and taxis.

Car owners of Opel, Jeep, Cadillac and Mini brands can be safely called the calmest drivers. These cars scored only 1 vote each and split the last line of the rating.

Among the slow motorists who do not adhere to the speed of movement in the stream and do not react in time to the beginning of movement in traffic lights and traffic jams, Lada takes the first place. This brand was chosen by 20%. In second place – the owners of Renault, for which 12% of respondents voted. The third position is occupied by Deo, with a score of 7%.

Who often becomes the culprit of accidents and does not adhere to the rules?

According to Yandex.Money for 2018, also named the most undisciplined brands of cars whose owners paid the most fines for violating traffic rules. The same car brands hit the top three as in the top 3 most aggressive cars. In the total number of fines Lada confidently overtook BMW. Last year, Lada drivers paid 687,000 fines, while BMW owners paid 486,000. Mercedes, which was far behind in the ranking of aggressive cars, almost caught up with BMW in the number of fines. With the result of 480 thousand violations, Mercedes took the third position.

Most of all in 2018, the owner of the McLaren car brand violated the traffic rules. He broke the rules 249 times and paid fines totaling 228,500 rubles. He won the honorable first place in the number of fines that fall on one car. The second, third and fourth place in this category was shared by the owners Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Porsche.

According to the traffic police on the number of violations and accidents affects driving experience. In this case, in the first year, after receiving a driver’s license, motorists behave very carefully. The violations they commit are often not serious. People who rent cars are most careful. The high-risk group of traffic police officers call people with driving experience from 3 to 5 years. During this period, there is overconfidence, but a lack of experience. This is the cause of many accidents and violations.