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Why can the client be refused in the lease of a car?
24 September 2018
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Renting a car is a sphere connected with big financial risks for the owner of the company, so not everyone can rent a car. First of all, we are talking about people who are not relevant the general requirements of the owners: if you are 18 and you received a driving license only a month ago, it’s likely that you would find a company that would risk entrusting you with a vehicle but it would be really difficult. But this is not the only criterion, among drivers who may be refused, you can find drivers with experience. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is better to know why you can be refused to rent a car and prepare in advance for car rental: determine the model of the car and book it, and, what is very important, control its compliance with all the requirements of a particular company.  The most important thing is the age and driving experience. Find out if you meet these requirements. To rent some cars of economy class is maybe enough a one year of driving experience. To rent other premium cars, it may be required to have a driving experience more than 5 years. As you can see, increasing of deposit is not the only decisive factor: it is important for a firm to know that it can return its property in the same condition as it was leased out: with a full tank and without damages.

Why can you be refused in the lease of a car, if the documents are in order?

Let’s suppose that you have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or even a foreign passport, you have reached the required age, you have a driving license of the appropriate category and a huge experience, but have been refused. How is this possible? What is the reason? There may be several. Here are the most common:

  1. Deprivation of a driver’s license in the past, even in another country.
  2. Physical or mental illness. Car rental managers are not doctors, but they can suspect that something is wrong, if you have a lack of coordination, or if you are behaving oddly.
  3. Problems with the law. Incomplete legal proceedings, especially on the fact of committing an accident.
  4. Respectful age, as a rule, does not become the reason for refusal. Rather, we are talking about health, which is so closely related to age.
  5. The state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication – if a client comes to make a contract in such a state, what can be the expectation that he will refrain from driving like that? Definitely, alcohol and car rental are incompatible.

How to avoid failure and get a car for rent

If you are faced with a refusal, but the car is desperately needed, there are several ways to still get a vehicle to use. The most simple and reliable, but at the same time expensive way – to rent a car with a driver.

If you planned to go with a company, check if the other person meets the basic requirements. Perhaps it will be possible to sign an agreement with him. For example, you are denied because you had some traffic violations previously, but your friend or partner also has the necessary driving experience, and he did not violate. For example, some drivers have a driving license, but they do not drive a car because they are afraid. In this case, let this person enter into the contract, and he inscribes you as an “additional driver”: there is a chance that the company managers will pay less attention. But all the same it is better to get the necessary driving experience and ride with confidence on a rented car.