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Why is it possible to rent the car only if have driver’s experience?
12 June 2018
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All newly made drivers want to take the wheel of own car as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity. It leads young people to car-rental in the Crimea, but also here they get a surprise in the form of refusal. Why does that happen?

General restrictions

The is no country in the world that offers cars for renting for clients without a license. The renting is possible only in the case of driving experience, the higher it is, the better car you will be able to take. At the same time, the client must be 20 years old at least. The average company offers:

  1. Auto class “economy” and “standard” for drivers aged 20 years and with 2 years of experience.
  2. Auto class “business” and “premium” for drivers aged 25 years, with experience of 5 years.

Why do these restrictions exist?

Considering statistics, the drivers who have experienced less than 4 years cause much more car accidents than those who are more experienced. The lack of experience doesn’t allow young drivers to act rationally in an emergency and, therefore, the majority makes the sharp decision, for example, cross into the oncoming lane. If cars are conducted by inexperienced drivers, then the number of the road accidents in the country would be going up. Especially if you drive the vehicle of another person, the level of responsibility may provoke a stress situation and lead to an accident. To feel confident at the wheel it is not enough a year or two.

If you have received the license recently, but you are already looking forward to the possibility of a car-rental in the Crimea, then we recommend waiting. At this time it is possible to use own car to feel confident with. As soon as necessary time expires, the car rental companies will meet you and satisfy all your wishes regarding the vehicles.

Have a nice trip!