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Rent terms
Simple conditions for auto rent

SVCAR has already gained a reputation as a quality and reliable car rental services provider in the Crimea. Customers’ trust and feedback are the best proof. A great selection of cars of different classes allows us to satisfy the individual requirements of each customer.

And from the client we require the smallest things: following some rules of rental and corresponding to a few of our recommendations.

What we are willing our customers have

The car can be leased to young people from the age of 23 years with a driving experience of 3 years. Also, the client should not have any problems with the law and must comply with the elemental ethical rules of behavior while driving: not to consume alcoholic drinks, substances containing drugs and medicine that negatively affect the driver’s attention, activity and health.

If you feel unwell, but you need to get to a definite place at an exact time, you may order a car rental service with a driver.

The documents required for car rental

For the preparation of the lease agreement, the client’s passport in original is required, as well as the original driver’s license.

For foreign citizens and guests of the Crimea, it is necessary to show a national or international valid passport, driver’s license or international permission to drive.

It is obligatory that the documents contain the name and surname of the owner written in the Latin alphabet.

How much time will it take to sign a contract?

The procedure of registration of the contract will not make you wait long. If you have a full list of documents, our employees will prepare a contract in no more than 15 minutes, plus a few minutes to deposit and pay for the service.

Payment Methods

You can choose the most convenient method of payment for the provided service . This can be a cash settlement in the office of the company, or by bank transfer, by transferring using a bank card.

Please note that prepayment is not required.

However, if the client wishes to book a certain car in advance, he has the opportunity to make a prepayment in any way: either in cash at the office, or by transfer to the card or by bank transfer to the company account.

The final cost is made based on the class of the car, the period of using service and additional options of the company SVCAR.

In addition, for each rented car you must make a deposit, which will be returned after the end of the contract. The amount of deposit depends on the class of the car:

  • the economy class is 10 000 rubles;
  • the middle class is 20,000 rubles;
  • the business class is 30,000 rubles.

Are the cars insured?

Every SVCAR vehicle is insured and has an extended MTPL insurance policy.

The entire fleet of the company is serviceable and in excellent condition. Before leaving the car and transferring it to the temporary owner, the vehicle undergoes a thorough technical inspection.

Terms of rent

We provide car rental service for any period you need, whether it’s one day, 2 weeks or more. The longer is the period of the use of transport, the lower is the rent per day.

The territory of vehicles using

Hiring a car in SVCAR company, you are obligated to use it for movement only through the territory of Crimea. Living the peninsula is unacceptable. Avoid routes where there is no asphalt.

Mileage per day

There are no limits to the daily mileage or the total mileage of the period of transport using.

Fuel for refueling

The car is leased to the customer with a full tank. So, the car should have a full tank after returning.

If the car you have chosen has a gasoline engine, the refueling requires using petrol 95 ron+, if the diesel engine than it must be filled with Diesel Euro-5.

In order to avoid a breakdown of the vehicle, we recommend refueling the car only at official gas stations.

Additional paid services

It is possible to order some additional services which will make a car using a more comfortable and safe:

  • a child seat or booster;
  • GPS navigator;
  • dashboard camera;
  • hire a car with a driver;
  • delivery of the car to the right address. And also free delivery to anywhere in the Crimea is possible.

How to find a car rental at the airport?

Car rental at the airport is in the parking place for rental cars. You can find parking using signs or specify directions at the airport enquiry desk. You don’t need to pay an airport fee when renting a car.

A car accident cases

In case you have run into an accident, first of all, you need to contact the car rental representative at the phone number indicated on the website.

Each situation is unique and before calling the police or doing anything, it is necessary to contact the manager as soon as possible and get advice about further actions.

It is forbidden

Rental cars are not allowed to be used as taxis, for towing other vehicles or driving with a trailer.

The giving of a rented car to third parties is inadmissible.

Our address

Office of the company is located in the city of Simferopol, Ukromnoe village, Kezlevskaya st., 1A, near the airport.

If the information provided on this page does not fully explain some questions you are interested in, we recommend you to read the “Question-Answer” section.

Also, we are happy to answer all your questions by phone or in any convenient format.

Waiting for you!

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