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Hire and rent a car in Simferopol, Crimea

Are you need to rent a car in Simferopol  urgently? Nowadays, this issue is easy to solve, if we take into account that the modern market of companies that provide rental services, is growing quite rapidly. However, knowing some nuances and details of the procedure, you can make the whole process much easier.

Who needs a transport for renting?

  1. Tourists who want to know the city.
  2. People for working and traveling on a business trip.
  3. Those who have an important event or celebration.
  4. Motorists, whose own car is under repair.

Car rental solves all customer problems. If you do not want to drive independently, you can order a driver’s service. Therefore, you are not responsible for the vehicle. The price of such service is higher than normal rental, but you are liberating yourself  for other important things.

Rent a car in the Crimea: which company should be contacted?

Rent a car in Simferopol is better with a trustworthy company. The service should have a positive reputation (reviews), large car park and experience with customers. To make the choice easier, you can see the information on the site of the company-lessor, to get acquainted with prices and classes of cars.

You can rent a car in the Crimea through the company SVСAR. Our company has been engaging in rental services for a long time, we love our customers, therefore, minimize their problems related to movement.

The main advantages of our company are:

  1. Wide choice of vehicles for every taste, color and class (expensive and inexpensive options). Each client will be able to take the vehicle according to his budget.
  2. You can rent a car in Simferopol cheaply, only with us. You can also participate in company special offers and get good discounts.
  3. Individual approach to each client. We always follow t all the wishes of the customer.
  4. Moderate prices.
  5. The minimum processing time.

How can you make an  order for car rental?

Rent a car from a SVCAR company  in the following ways:

  1. Order a car that you liked online via website. In this case, manager will call you back and discuss the availability, timing and other details.
  2. Visit the company personally and select the vehicle.

What documents are needed?

Car rental in Simferopol assumes that the client has the following documents:

  1. Passport.
  2. Identification code.
  3. Driving license.
  4. Bankcard for non-cash payment.

After confirming the application, the client must carefully study the contract and sign it. Only then the vehicle passes into his hands.

If you rent a car, then you must leave the cash deposit. The amount depends on the brand of transport and the rental period.

Entrust your safety to real professionals! Come to us, and we will gladly help you. Move with comfort and positive emotions with SVCAR!