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Car rental at the airport
You can enjoy the trip

Car rental and hiring services at the airport in Simferopol, the Crimea

After difficult and disturbing flights the only thing you dream about is comfort and rest. It is obvious that you want to get home as soon as possible. Therefore, rent of a car at the airport in Simferopol is a very popular service. Why is it convenient? We will study this question in details.

Who needs it?

Car-rental in Simferopol at the airport is one of the favorite services for businessmen who are on business trips. They arrive, take the car, solve the affairs, return a car, and then go back. Also car rental at the airport in Simferopol is a service which is used by tourists very often.

Where can you look for?

If you are in need of car hiring directly at the airport, then it is necessary to seek the assistance of the experts. The company has its representative right at the airport. He will help you to choose a necessary model, inform about all details, acquaint you with the prices and will consult on any question.

What is necessary for receiving the vehicle?

For receiving a vehicle the client needs to address manager’s desk. Having documents with yourself, you sign the contract and receive keys from a car.

The main benefits of car rental at the airport

Rent of a car in the Crimea at the airport in Simferopol is an ideal option for people who used to drive own car. It is especially suitable if you have a huge number of suitcases, bags and other things. You will pay a quite essential price, but considering that you don’t need to spend money for the taxi or to try to use a public transport with all the luggage, then the price justifies the provided comfort.

With or without driver?

Rent of a car at the airport is a favorable offer if there is no time and desire to search the taxi or you are for the first time in this city.  The employee of the company has an opportunity to offer you the cheap car with a driver. The total absence of any responsibility is the main benefit of such movement. The car rental with a driver at the airport in the Crimea is a guarantee of your safety and comfort. In addition, the company can deliver the car in the specified place and time if you have made an online order of a vehicle beforehand.

Those clients who are sure of own forces and like to choose a route and speed of movement independently can hire a car at the airport of Simferopol without driver.

Why is it worth choosing SVCAR?

SVCAR company is a reliable partner who appreciates its clients. We provide cars with the premium, standard and economy classes at the prices which are affordable for everyone. Inexpensive rent will allow you to become the owner of a good car for a period which is necessary for you. To receive the vehicle it is necessary to:

  • to choose the car on the company’s website;
  • to order online and to make rent prepayment;
  • to receive a call from the manager and to specify all details (the place, time, brand, color, etc.);
  • to arrive and address the representative of the company;
  • to fill out and sign documents;
  • to receive keys from a car.

Car rental in Simferopol at the airport is a modern service which solves the customer’s problems in a complex. Get acquainted with the city, enjoy tranquility and resolve business matters with SVCAR!