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Car renting for a long period
You can enjoy the trip

Car renting for a long period

Car renting for a long period is an opportunity to fully enjoy the vehicle. The problems with movement can also appear when you have your own car. Any driver can hire a car. It is possible to take it for a couple of hours, and even for several weeks.

Main features of a long-term hiring

Car renting for long period is a receiving the vehicle for the term which exceeds few days (from several weeks and more). Most often the big companies use this service, it is more favorable to them to allocate funds for temporary use of the car rather than to buy and serve it (washing, repairing, etc.).

Car renting for a month and its specification:

1. It is a good option for legal entities which have no need to buy the vehicle.

2. Long-term car renting is ideal for the medium-sized and large companies which order the vehicles for their employees.

3. Individuals also use this service in a case:

• the absence of the personal vehicle;

• if the personal car is on repair;

• if it is necessary to carry out test drive of the car before purchase own.

Car renting for a month doesn’t limit the client in the choice of brand and class of the car.

Rent peculiarities

Long-term rent doesn’t differ from a short-term hiring. It is distinguished by its following features:

  1. Reduced price. If you rent the vehicle for a long time, as a rule, the total cost is inexpensive.
  2. Peace of mind. The company provides supporting.
  3. Guarantees. The client gets into his use the technical tool with full serviceability, and it is documented.
  4. A wide range of choice.

You have an opportunity to independently order the car on the website. Sedan, crossover, coupe – it is up to you to choose.

After the expiration of rent terms, the car comes back to the company. If the client has no opportunity to return the vehicle himself, the employees of the firm can take it, but it would be better to specify this moment during the agreement.

Where to rent a car for a month?

The SVCAR company is your loyal friend and assistant. Forget about the problems connected with public transport or the taxi. We will help you to travel cheaply, reliably and safely! It is possible to get acquainted with our vehicle fleet and the prices on the website. The clients have an opportunity to order the car online that is very convenient if the car is needed urgently.

Have a pleasant trip!