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Rent a car for a day
You can enjoy the trip

Hire and rent a car for a day in Simferopol

Rent a car for a day – this is not a luxury already, it’s the necessary temporary means of transport. Most of the issues are solved with the help of a car. Therefore, when a breakdown occurs it  throws us off balance. Such a malfunction shouldn’t change your plans and spoil the mood, so, we offer to rent a car  and always be mobile.

What are its advantages?

If there is no desire to use taxi services, public transport or take responsibility for someone’s car, then to rent a car for a day  is a real salvation. You get a rental car, do your business and every other day you return it. Everything is simple, easy, and the most important is that you save your time and nerves. Rent a car for a day includes such benefits for the client:

  1. Comfort. When you hold the wheel of a car, you don’t have to feel any discomfort. You will happily enjoy the power of your car, listen to music and admire the local sights.
  2. Economy. The customer rents a vehicle for 1 day, which means, the final rental price is minimal.
  3. Wide range of fleet. Car rental for 1 day does not limit the customer in choosing a vehicle. For a day you can rent both premium and inexpensive cars.
  4. Convenience of the order. You can choose a car both on the website and personally. After that you draw up a contract and get a car.
  5. Additional features. Rent a car for a day in Simferopol does not exclude the possibility of providing additional services in the form of a car with a driver in the specified place and time, fastenings for a bicycle or a child seat.

Where to rent a car for 24 hours?

SVCAR – It’s a company that has been working on the rental market for a long time. Our main goal is satisfied customer, so we take into account all the details and carry out orders at the highest level. In order to get a car, the client must have a passport and driver’s license with himself. You can get acquainted with the prices and fleet of vehicles on the company’s website.

SVCAR  is an inexpensive opportunity to get a good and safe car. The cost of any car justifies that comfort, which you feel when driving it. You can order a vehicle online or by phone anytime. We always care about customers and appreciate them, so you will receive the car in 15 minutes!

Come to us – and we will help you!