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Rent a car without a driver
You can enjoy the trip

Rent a car without a driver in the Crimea, Simferopol

Car renting in Simferopol without driver is a real solution to a problem when the car is necessary urgently. For business meetings, family holidays, rest on the countryside and other trips take a taxi or use public transport is absolutely inconvenient. And what to do if there is no own vehicle or the car was broken? The SVCAR company offers different types of renting. For example,  car renting in Simferopol without driver is among the services.

The main advantages

Let’s get acquainted with advantages of this service:

  1. You and only you control a situation. With refusing the services of a driver, a car is under your own control. You choose a route, time and even speed of movement. After taken responsibility, you guarantee safety to yourself and the passengers.
  2. Confidentiality. If you don’t want that someone knows a route of your movement, then the drive will be needless for you.
  3. Comfort and pleasure. In the absence of a driver, nobody breaks your personal space. The client has an opportunity to wholly enjoy the car and a trip, to listen to music and just relax.
  4. Economy. Ordering transport without a driver, you save money.

The SVCAR company works for a long time at the market of car renting, therefore, we guarantee professional approach to our services.

Hire a car without a driver in the Crimea is an excellent opportunity to solve any problem easily and quickly. To receive the car, it is necessary:

  • to order a car online on the website;
  • to choose the vehicle personally.

At the same time, it is necessary to consider that the contract between the company and the client could be signed in a case of the existence of a full package of documents:

  • client’s actual passport;
  • original personal tax reference number;
  • actual driver’s license.

Why is it worth renting a car in SVCAR?

The client receives a powerful benefit if order a car for rent in our company. First, rent of a car in the Crimea without driver is a cheap service. Therefore, we often provide discounts and perform sales campaigns. Secondly, the client can choose a car on the website and also get acquainted with the prices and other useful information.

We provide full support, irrespectively of the duration of renting.

Rent a car with SVCAR – it is prestigious, convenient and absolutely safe. The staff of the company will help you to choose a car which corresponds to your requirements and the budget.

Call us, and you understand that car-rental without driver at the low price is reality which will give you unforgettable comfort.